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Bernard came to St. Peter’s after emigrating from Holland in 1993 at the time of his marriage to June and has been here ever since. Bernard and June and have one son, Jesse who graduated SAIT in 2015 and is currently employed in Calgary.
As a younger man his passion was technology and computers.  He has worked with computers for over 40 years and the industry is still his love and current business.  Bernard is also an avid notaphilist (one who collects bank notes/paper money). In an interesting twist, he is a Dutchman who loves Thai food and is allergic to cheese!
Bernard provides the visuals at Sunday services as well as maintaining and upgrading St. Peter’s computer systems and network. He is an integral part of the sound ministry, is currently Assistant Rector’s Warden and is a valuable asset on Parish Council. On Sunday mornings he leads us all in cheering for the people who have had birthdays or anniversaries in traditional Dutch fashion.  During the winter months he is a valued member of the team that is responsible for snow removal and sidewalk clearing.
One of Bernard’s favorite pastimes is walking their dog, Jemima (Jemmy) who is an ongoing challenge as Jemmy has a mind of her own!
>Bernard has a great love for the people of St. Peter's as evident in his dedication to our church. A prized Bible passage is Jeremiah 29:11 which speaks of His promises; “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

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Marion came to St. Peter’s in 1997 from Toronto to take a job with Husky Oil but has since retired, giving her more time for the really necessary things which make up senior citizenship!
Marion’s favourite pastime involves music.  She attends concerts, always listens to all types of music and is involved with Dewdney Players filling many roles, whether it be onstage, front of house or behind the scenes.  She is part of a dinner group which has been meeting once a month for several years and enjoys that fellowship – as well as the cooking involved!
She also volunteers her time with the Okotoks Food Bank, working with teams to distribute food to those who call.
At St. Peter’s Marion is a reader, helps lead prayers of the people, is a Sunday School teacher and is also a former Eucharistic Assistant.  Mobility issues put an end to that side of her ministry. She loves our church children and serves them by teaching Sunday School and taking her turn to give the children’s teaching in the service. She is a regular attender and occasional leader of the Wednesday morning bible study in the West Wing. Being a gifted writer, she has also written a number of event debriefs for our church website.
She has tried her hand at lots of arts and crafts but has mastered none, so she says. She loves gardening and napping in her hammock.  These, plus reading, take up a lot of her summer time.  When the snow flies, reading and watching TV are her guilty pleasures.
Marion’s favourite Bible passage is from Mathew 7:1:  Judge not that you not be judged.

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Billie first came to St. Peter’s in 1987 after her parents, Tim and Peti Webster were married here. Billie returned to the parish about a year after Tim and Peti returned from their time in Chile and Tim became the Incumbent here.
She soon leapt into Ministry within our church family, leading (2 years) and later co- leading the Youth Group for 6 more years until she sensed God calling her into a different facet of His work in our midst. She has, for the past years been co-leading the Children’s Ministry, overseeing as well as teaching Sunday School. Billie has also served on parish council. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with those who don’t know him yet.
Billie is a gifted teacher, working mostly in challenging areas of the city. As of September of last year she has been working in an Elementary School and presently is co-teaching with two young, recently graduated teachers. She enjoys this very much. She is an educational Rockstar!

Billie has a great sense of style and uses her eye for design to create wonderful Greeting cards amongst many other crafts. She is co-Leader of Creative Souls, which meets at St. Peter’s on the third Saturday of each month. She loves to bake and makes extraordinary Christmas goodies!
Billie’s also a cat lover (and a kid person!) She is currently “mom” to “Daisy”, “Herminia” and “Henry” and she is “B” to a myriad of young people. She loves to travel and has been many places – She was born in Inuvik, NWT and has been all across Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Thailand and many parts of the USA. She’s AVID about Christmas and would really like the season to last all year long…..or at the very least, begin in the summer.
Billie has a strong faith and lives by 1 Corinthians 13, which defines what love in action is. Watch her and see!

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Margaret Richardson and her family moved to the Okotoks area in 1972 and began attending St. Peter’s as there were programs in place for her young daughters, Dawn and Andrea.  She lost her husband Herb after 45 years of marriage in 2005 to Cancer.
Margaret is a vital part of St. Peter’s greeting ministry, making coffee on Sunday mornings and welcoming people as they come in the door.  She always has a bright smile and is sincere in her genuine fondness for St. Peter’s and its people, whether long time parishioners or visitors.
Margaret has for 260 years, (she says), been a part of Chinook Country Quilters who meet here on Mondays.  She’s avid in her love of creating beautiful quilts and all her family – two daughters and five grandchildren - have been blessed with her work celebrating their milestones – graduations, marriages, births, and anniversaries.  She also helps to make quilts for young psychiatric patients at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary.  She gets pleasure from Christian fiction and mysteries.
Margaret loves to travel and has been to many places, including Portugal (a favorite), Macchu Picchu, Italy, Greece and Spain as well as many locales in the United States.  She visits her elderly sister in Oregon.
Margaret favorite scripture comes from Philippians 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything……and she proves that in her daily life.  She keeps herself on track in her walk with Jesus and is kind and gentle in reminding others to do the same.  We celebrate Margaret with love and joy!

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Victoria was born in Medicine Hat, AB, the daughter of Andy and Glenda Read. She has one brother and four sisters.
She grew up in the Catholic School system in Northwest Calgary and attended Medicine Hat College studying Early Childhood Development.
In 2009 she married Mike Lockhart at St. Peter’s and they have two children, Read and Mya.
Vicky worked for several years at Brightpath Learning Center and currently runs her own Day Home in Okotoks, “Vicky’s Place Childcare”. She has a very special love for children and demonstrates this repeatedly by serving in every area when it comes to children. For many years now she has assisted in leading Children’s Ministry and teaching the different age groups as needed. She also provides Respite care for local foster families when they need a break.
She is a member of St. Peter’s Parish Council and is a valued member of St. Peter’s Altar Guild. Very often she can be found in the kitchen before parish activities helping get food arranged and assisting with the cleanup afterwards as well. Just recently she had the opportunity to serve on the parish Search Committee and had a hand in choosing our next priest.
With Mike and her children, she enjoys camping and getting together with family and friends.
Her favourite verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17 and she is a very fine example of someone who is “in Christ”. Thank-you Vicky for all you do.

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Art Krempasky was born in Winnipeg and with his wife, Brenda came to St. Peter’s Church Okotoks following the birth of their first grandson in Calgary in 1998.  They have 2 daughters, Karan in Christina Lake and Kathleen in Calgary as well as two pretty much grown-up grandsons whom they share with Bill and Christine Cameron.  They’ve been married for 57 years!
Before retiring, Art was a Process Operator in the oil refineries and then ran a bulk fuel business in the Okanagan.  Art helps maintain St. Peter’s with interior painting and odd jobs which require some experienced hands. He’s our go-to guy when something needs fixing, light bulbs need changing, or a new idea is required.  He likes to work behind the scenes, and often, you won’t know he’s been there until you realized something has been improved!
He’s been involved in several outreach opportunities - Belize 4-5 times and Chile once, to construct buildings as well as myriad other things.
He very much enjoys camping and in winter months, travelling with Brenda.  He looks after family members in Manitoba, and visits them often.  He is part of a group which meets once monthly for dinner parties, and is an avid Dawg’s baseball fan.  He’s pretty quiet though, and doesn’t yell much.
Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength”, speaks to the depth and intensity of God’s might and is an inspiration to Art.  He lives out this faith in his life as a husband, father, grandfather and friend.  We love and appreciate him for who he is even more than what he does!

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SusanT1Susan was born and raised in Calgary and first moved to Okotoks in 1974.  Susan adores her 4 children, 3 step children and 10 grandchildren. Susan has been a parish member since 1988 joining in the original St. Peter’s building in Olde Towne Okotoks.  She has been St. Peter’s Administrator since 1993.  Susan has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience over the past quarter century!
She is the best networker not only because of her long-standing term as Administrator but also because she is the one contact for anyone in the parish to get linked with town resources.  People call daily for personal requests, family needs, emergency relief, et al.  Susan tries to accommodate everyone’s needs and knows Okotoks well enough to link each need to a means.  She also manages all the requirements for each Sunday service such as Bible readers, lay servers, children’s pre Sunday-school instructors and the ever-present weekly bulletin.
Producing St. Peter’s weekly church service bulletin is what most people know Susan for first.  There is a very long list of responsibilities in her position which some people might not realize.  Record keeping and archiving require a tremendous amount of detailed work from Susan in maintaining professional parish records - births, baptisms, weddings, deaths.  Susan thoroughly enjoys planning and organizing a variety of traditional church gatherings – Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.  She also puts her special touches on many outreach and social parish occasions such as summer bbq’s, Stampede breakfasts, Christmas dinners, weddings, bake sales, Remembrance days and birthdays.
All groups/organizations using the building must go through Susan who   co-ordinates all activities in St. Peter’s facilities.  There have been countless different events held in the church from many one-time conferences to several continuing year-round weekly groups which requires detailed organizing and managing using Susan’s unique style. Susan has hosted home groups in the past, currently sings in the choir and continues to keep St. Peter’s running smoothly!
Last but far from least, Susan is married to Neil Torris.

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CurtisCurtis has been coming to St. Peter’s since 2006. A couple of years later, after slacking off being in church Curtis heard a distinct voice saying “Go back to church!” When he did, he felt the presence of God who ignited a fire within him and led him to serve in ways in which he excels. God equips the called!
Curtis is part of a close family: parents, three brothers and two sisters most of whom live in Okotoks. He studied at Ambrose University College pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry, and furthering his education is working towards a teaching degree. These past months he has been teaching at Fr. James Whelihan School in Calgary as part of his training.
>Most of Curtis’ spare time is spent in study but he does make time for listening to music of every genre, keeping fit and lifting weights. After a wakeup call a couple of years ago, he became even more conscious of healthy living and changed his diet to further that.
Curtis is one of our valued worship leaders and he is much appreciated in this ministry. He is always willing to step forward to help in any capacity and all that weight lifting and healthy diet – and listening to God’s call - help to make jobs requiring his strengths much sought after at our church.
Curtis has a heart for God and His people, and a generosity of spirit. He is much admired more for who he is than what he does! And he gives the BEST hugs - if you need one, go find Curtis!
Isaiah 45:2-3 is his favourite Bible passage; “I will go before you and will level the mountains;
I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” These words are so very encouraging.

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BettyCBetty grew up in Okotoks and has been a faithful and much treasured member of St. Peter’s parish since 1956 when she married her Anglican husband. She is the mother of three, grandmother of seven and a great grandmother of two.
Betty is a part of Chinook Country Quilters who meet here each Monday. She has made quilts for all her family members and for the Children’s Hospital. In the winter she knits toques for the Mustard Seed which are given to their guests.
For many years Betty was a vital part of The Royal Purple charitable organization which provided catering for large and small banquets, luncheons and fundraisers supporting the Okotoks community. She believes that supporting one another is what makes a community strong and in turn has appreciated the support in her own life. She has carried that ministry and belief over into her activities at St. Peter’s, providing invaluable assistance to whomever is organizing lunches, funerals and other forms of outreach involving food.
Betty belongs to St. Peter's Wednesday morning Bible study gaining more knowledge of Jesus each week and appreciating others' points of view through discussions. She is also a part of the Sunday night fellowship group. She rarely misses an opportunity to learn more about her faith and lives it out in her daily life.
Betty gained tremendous reassurance from a Bible verse sewn into the Victoria's quilt she received a few years ago while taking chemo therapy. It remains a favourite: Joshua 1:9, ”Be strong and courageous…for the Lord your God will be with you.” Her father died when she was 12 yrs. old and his favourite Bible passage, Psalm 23, means a lot, as it brought him great comfort.

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MarianMarian, along with her husband Ken moved from Fareham, Hampshire, England in 1981 to Calgary. Later, they bought land in West Bragg Creek and had a house built. Then in 2009 (in their 40th wedding anniversary year!), they moved to Okotoks and sought out St. Peter’s. They feel very much home in this church.

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NeilTNeil was born and raised in a large family near Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and has been coming to Saint Peter’s Church since December of 1992.  He met Susan here and they were married in 1995.  Neil has a servant’s heart and lives out the directive in Philippians 2:3, “therefore in humility consider one another better than yourself.”  

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HelenHelen is a long-standing member of our church body. She has been involved in many things over the years including music ministry, bible studies, parish council, selection committees and I am sure others that I can’t think of right now. Helen has also headed up many volunteer activities within our church of St. Peter’s.

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