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Giving Changes Lives
   both ours and the people we are reaching.

The Bible instructs us to offer our first and our best back to God.

Honour the Lord with your wealth,
with the first-fruits of all your crops;

Proverbs 3:9 (NIV)

We return to the Lord a proportion of what He's given us, as a sign that all of it belongs to Him.


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Donations and refund policies:
  • St. Peter's Anglican Church Okotoks is a Canadian registered charity (CRA);
  • All annual donations totalling $20 or more will receive a charitable donations receipt;
  • All donations are nonrefundable;
  • All credit card transactions will be processed in Canadian dollars.

When we tithe we are relieved of the guilt of disobedience. In addition, we are blessed with money left at the end of the month.

Susan Torris Parish Administrator, St. Peter’s Anglican Church

I had a colleague who used the phrase ‘I have no earthly idea’ when having trouble explaining something he had difficulty understanding...God has taught me that he loves a cheerful giver.  My first earthly reason to give is to do what God loves despite my ‘mine’ mind-set.

Marion Bowen Parishioner, St. Peter's Anglican Church

I was always a giver but it wasn’t until  last year that I started giving ten percent, I wanted to give ten percent but didn’t think I could afford it, so I started increasing my giving by small amounts and the Lord kept providing and one day I just ended up realizing that I was actually giving a full tithe, something I never thought was possible and even though I am giving more to the church my financial situation is actually better then when I started my journey, I’m learning that it’s true when he says he will open the floodgates of blessings, it’s amazing to witness first hand.
The Lord has proven himself over and over. My journey to the full tithe was slow and I couldn’t afford it right away but over time and a little trust in Jesus I can finally give a full tithe.

Anonymous Parishioner, St. Peter's Anglican Church

When you tithe, (God's) rewards become evident in so many areas of your life; the most comforting for us being that by tithing, we remove the power of the enemy from the equation and place our finances under the protection of God.

Todd & Cheryl Hurtak Parishioners, St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Tithing is a very personal thing between yourself and God. We do it because we feel it is what He wants us to do. It certainly makes us feel good to know we are doing what He requires of us as Christians.

Anonymous Parishioner, St. Peter's Anglican Church

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