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All-ages Service


This All Age Service was inclusive meaning children stayed for the entire service and were encouraged to participate in all the fun activities. Worship songs were geared to participation with mouth/foot/hand actions. Rubbing our tummies, raising our hands and stomping our feet got us all ready for more. The Always Reverent (yet with spotty attendance!) Cedric the Cleric (maneuvered by the very Reverend Martin Alvey), opened with washing the congregation’s sins away. Cedric literally showered the congregation with water from his pumped-up water cannon, spot-cleaning the congregation’s exteriors!  Shouts of laughter were heard from everywhere.   Then the congregation performed an Active Confession by symbolically washing their own eyes for wrong visions, their own ears for wrong words heard, their mouths for wrong words said, forehead for wrong thoughts and hearts for wrong feelings.  This cleansing concluded with everyone collectively feeling the big warm towel-hug of Jesus’ love after this interior cleansing...
The theme of John 15:1-8, the Vine and its Branches, was visually re-created by Martin Alvey.  Curtis Carrier stood, representing Jesus, with a vine (cord) wound around him stretching out to the next person who had the vine wound around him stretching to the next person who had vine wound around her stretching to the next person who...etc... Each person had beautiful green paper leaves and a bountiful bunch of purple grapes. Each member of the congregation grabbed on to a Vine showing they ‘bore much fruit’ v5.  Of course, refreshing grapes were handed out to one and all for participation in this active All Age Service.  Children and adults were able to see/understand this clear demonstration that Jesus is the Vine and we are to bear much fruit showing ourselves to be His disciples.

Marion Bowen

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Confession for the Whole Family

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