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Living as faithful disciples of Jesus requires making a lot of judgment calls.

We are called to “test everything” (1 Thess. 5:21), to “discern what is best” (Phil. 1:10). To see this process of discernment at work, consider the history of Lent—the traditional 40-day season (not counting Sundays) of preparation for Easter.

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Author: Marion Bowen

An inclusive ‘All Age Service’ was held today at St. Peter’s, this 3rd Sunday in Lent.   Our congregation is made up of all ages from those approaching 100 years and those just born.  Lent and Passover were the focus for the service.  Several exercises followed to highlight the history of the Last Supper and our personal preparation for Confession and the Eucharist.   

GqIE8umXTZ62dN4W6s0L3gMuch singing and clapping, sitting and standing for various versus and praising Jesus with joy was sprinkled throughout the service. Pastors Haydn and Martyn first showed a short video of the Last Supper discussing the timing of it in Jesus’ life, the wine and bread, who was there and what happened with Judas. They then handed out glasses of water to all asking ‘Is Anyone Thirsty?’  The water was for symbolically cleansing ourselves which first required a Confession.  NtzH2fET2CBFWzLDXupwThe whole congregation figuratively ‘showered our sins away’.  We acted out scrubbing our bodies, eyes, ears, teeth, forehead and hearts to wash away the sinful things we chose to be, see, hear, eat, think and believe.  Last, we all imagined God wrapping us in a big fluffy and warm towel surrounding us in love. Then we were all clean as the ‘shower’ represented our Confession so we were well prepared for the Eucharist. Pastor Martyn told of the 10 Plagues of Egypt.  For each of the plagues Martyn said, as Moses, ‘Let My People Go’ and the whole congregation shouted loudly back, ‘No!’ to every calamity.  Then we praised God for the flight of freedom from Egypt. Eucharist was celebrated with Bread and Wine remembering all of the above and Jesus’ last supper.  The Prayers of the People were led by Allen Stretton who asked in a call-and-response fashion, ‘Is Anyone Thirsty’ as individuals brought cups of water to the alter in response.  The cups of water represented prayers for all the local and world news we see, the local and wider community we live in, the world-wide church as well as St. Peter’s, the leaders of the world, the sick and in-need and all our families and friends.  

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Watch The Kids' Song With Actions.

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Photos courtesy of: John Hartley


Author: Marion Bowen

A blessed day was had by all when Bishop Greg spent Sunday at St. Peter’s.  Bishop Greg shared a solid message about living our faith and discussed how different the world would be if we were constantly in prayer throughout our regular day. He also took part in the Children’s Teaching.

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Photos courtesy of: John Hartley


Author: Billie Hogan

Saturday, December 9, marked St. Peter’s Annual Christmas Dinner. It was an opportunity to fellowship with our church family and prepare for the advent season.

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We've moved to our new address – stpo.ca

ST. Peter's, Okotoks has a new home, and we're Canadian.

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As a conservative, why do I remain in the Anglican Church of Canada? Here are five reasons.

By Dean Mercer

The Rev. Dr. Dean Mercer is incumbent of the Anglican Church of St. Paul, L’Amoreaux, an instructor in liturgy at Wycliffe College, Toronto, and a member of the Canadian chapter of the Anglican Communion Institute.

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Jane provided these prayers at our Spring conference. 2015

Ask God to bring deep conviction of sin, spiritual brokenness, a holy fear of God and genuine repentance among His people.  

2 Corinthians 7:10 Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

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Neil Torris

NeilTNeil was born and raised in a large family near Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and has been coming to Saint Peter’s since December of 1992.  He met Susan here and they were married in 1995.  Neil has a servant’s heart and lives out the directive in Philippians 2:3, “therefore in humility consider one another better than yourself.”  Many things at St Peter’s happen more smoothly and efficiently because of Neil’s commitment to serve Jesus and His people, while never seeking attention for himself.  Neil’s passion for the performing arts in worship has had him serving on the Audio/Video team for many years, not just balancing and mixing the sound for services, but pulling all the wires and assisting with the design and purchase of equipment.  When he’s not doing sound stuff, Neil can be found working behind the scenes preparing food, washing dishes, vacuuming the church, replacing light fixtures, clearing show, taking out garbage, he is always willing to pitch in at a moment’s notice doing whatever he can to help, often dedicating his days off to improve the church.  He’s the heart and soul of Saint Peters and in his daily life honours Jesus and his brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Helen Langstaff


Helen is a long-standing member of our congregation. She has been involved in many things over the years including music ministry, bible studies, parish council, selection committees and I am sure others that I can’t think of right now. Helen has also headed up many volunteer activities within our church of St. Peter’s. She was the coordinator of our hospitality group for many years and still helps out whenever she can. Helen continues to coordinate the altar guild and works tirelessly to make sure we have beautiful flowers on the altar every week and the appropriate hangings on the altar and around the church. She also makes sure we have all the supplies we need for communion services and special services throughout the year. Helen has been a staple in the prayer ministry both within and outside our church family.  Helen is dear friend to many both past and present.  Helen has been, and continues to be, a magnificent asset to our church family and we appreciate all that she does.  Thank you so much for all that you do and all that you are. We love you Helen.

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