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Christmas Dinner

Photos courtesy of: John Hartley


Author: Billie Hogan

Saturday, December 9, marked St. Peter’s Annual Christmas Dinner. It was an opportunity to fellowship with our church family and prepare for the advent season.


20171209 DSC3521A wonderful Christmas ambiance was established with the turkey and ham dinner, music, and décor. Jacques and the kitchen team out-did themselves with a tasty festive dinner that included your choice of ham or turkey – white or dark. It included all the fixings that we associate with Christmas – cranberries, gravy, and stuffing galore. I am particularly fond of the mashed potatoes. I have no clue what he does, but they are magical. Dessert – black forest cake – amazing!

20171209 DSC3530The music was a wonderful Christmas playlist that included some of my favourite artists. It softly played in the background while I socialized with members of my church family. The décor was on point with beautifully decorated tables that included handcrafted rustic centerpieces. They matched the rustic garland décor already set up. A tree was glowing at the end of the room with other Christmas story wall hangings around the room. Everywhere you looked there was a reminder of the festive season.

My date and I sat with two other couples in our church and a couple of teens. My table was filled with engaging conversation about all kinds of topics – church life, the town of Okotoks, food bank, Creative Souls and other personal events happening in each of our lives. It was so great to have time together just to relax and catch-up. I gathered a bunch of fresh prayer requests. I’m looking forward to next year already!

20171209 DSC3528

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