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From Cedric

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O Canada

 Hi Folks, I'm the Reverend Cedric Parsons, (retired! Not!!)

"O Canada"!

Well I have just been and bought myself a Canadian flag, I live here now so I thought I might be patriotic for Canada day, not something that used to happen back in dear old Blighty, England day! Great Britain Day! United Kingdom day!!I love to see the red and white flags with th Maple leaf flying all year round it makes a wonderful statement , but this is one special occasion, Canada day, to be proud of your heritage, of your country, to celebrate, wave your flag, , no matter your country of origin, be merry (just a tipple or two or three!) that usually helps with the singing of the national anthem, which I have learned, yes all three verses, not just one sung before all the games, all three. Or should I say trying to learn, you know what it's like when you get to a certain time in life! I do wonder though, do we really take note of what we say or sing when we are celebrating and flying the flag for this wonderful country we have the privilege to live in?

The second line of the first verse for instance.

True patriot love in all thy sons command

"A true patriot love", what would that look like in our society and how would it affect how we live? Then just take one line from the chorus, sung twice in the chorus after all three verses.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Do we? Really! Or is it just more of me please! Then take the whole of the third verse, and be honest do you know it? Have you ever seen it?

Ruler Supreme! Who hearest humble prayer,

Hold thy domain in thy loving care

Help us to find, Oh God, in thee,

A lasting rich reward.

As waiting for the better day,

We ever stand on guard.

What a wonderful prayer, in other words we are keeping guard till the better day, the day of Jesus' return perhaps! And all this got me thinking, Just one day in year! Or does it remind us every time we see the Maple leaf on the flag? Or listen to it or sing just the first verse and chorus before a game of some sort or an event? And what about those who would say we are Christians, "A true patriot love", not just for the Motherland domain, but for God's kingdom, not just once a year, or when we feel we might make time to be in God presence and in a community of like-minded people called church, I am talking about real commitment, not just patriotic passing feeling, but what about every Sunday, no matter how we feel, the day created by God for us to rest and worship him, and the purpose for which we were created, to fly the flag for Jesus like a banner that flies across this land. "God keep our land glorious and free" being prepared, living a life that is loving, thinking about others needs and caring about all that is around us, praying For God to uphold this wonderful land all of it from East to western sea.

Well that is what I will be thinking about as I wave my flag. What about you?


Too Busy To Pray...
Promises! Promises!

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Thursday, 21 February 2019
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