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From Cedric

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New Year's Resolutions

Hi Folks, let me introduce myself again, I'm the Reverend Cedric Parsons, (retired) and I'm not in disguise as the man in Red with a Reindeer with a red nose! And I have my January Blog (well some thoughts when the grey matter is put to work.)

First can I wish all you readers a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Yes it's A New Year! And it's the season when many folk are still suffering the excesses of Christmas, (you know, the time of year celebrate the Saviours birth) the time you spend so much! Eat too much! and drink too much! And then wish you hadn't, and it's the time many of you will be making a News year's Resolution, the problem with them is they get broken, usually by the end of the first week, or the end of January, and if you're really lucky or good, then you might get to Lent, and if you have managed to get to Lent then you can give something up for Lent (other than Chocolate) like giving up the new year's resolution you made in January. But here's a challenge for you.

Try, "Loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind soul and strength, and loving your neighbour as yourself." And see the difference it makes to your lives, and the community you live in, let alone your family, and yes your church too, and well if you fail, you know as God's Children, (if you have accepted the Christmas gift of God's Son Saviour Jesus Christ into your lives) you can ask God to forgive you, that by the way is a part of the wonderful gift that is on offer with the all that the Incarnation of God. Immanuel, God with us was about in the Christmas gift. Of Jesus Christ. He will forgive, then make a new resolution, each day, the same one. Make an effort to make a difference, to your lives and a life that affects others for the good, and boy the world sure needs it.


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