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Sunday With The Bishop

Author: Marion Bowen

A blessed day was had by all when Bishop Greg spent Sunday at St. Peter’s Church.  Bishop Greg shared a solid message about living our faith and discussed how different the world would be if we were constantly in prayer throughout our regular day. He also took part in the Children’s Teaching. Pastor Martyn brought his puppet friend (small ‘b’) bishop Cedric.  The children were curious and asked about the Bishops ‘hat’ and various robes.  Bishop Greg and Pastor Martyn told us the Bishop’s Miter head covering represents the flame of the Holy Spirit, the Bishop’s Crook shows the way a shepherd would keep his sheep in the flock with the hook and that the Stole around Martyn’s neck was made by his Mother! Bishop Greg ended his message saying that it takes practice and attention to turn to God every moment just as, every moment, the Holy Spirit is speaking to us.  Be ready to hear! Thanks to all the church members who provided a bountiful brunch table afterwards which always leads us to closer fellowship with one another.All in all it was a very worshipful, informative and fun visit with Bishop Greg.

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