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Taize Service


Good Friday Services at St. Peters Okotoks are an important part of the Easter events. Traditionally, the church has held an evening service that included elements of the Passion as a  reminder of the final hours of Christ’s life on earth.
This year a new service was introduced to our Parish which was a different but appropriate type of worship. This well attended service experienced a new way of reflectively meditating and praying through this period of our Christian history. These notes are a brief commentary on my thoughts of the Taize’ Service.


With the sanctuary darkened and numerous candles lit before the altar, the ambience was very calming and quiet. Rev. Alvey did a wonderful job explaining the service and what would happen. The service is very simple and gentle in its delivery. With the music ministry playing and singing some simple repetitive prayers, interspaced with some readings and periods of silence, a very spiritual evening was had.
What I feel most blessed with was the overall spiritual effect the service had on me. Rather than re-living the trauma of the the last hours of Jesus crucifiction, I was able to pray with my fellow believers and meditate on on the significance of what our Lord and Saviour did for us. At times I was in a state of remorse for my sins, and at other times rejoicing that I am able to be held in such grace by our Lord. The synergy of the service was amazing as I know that the Holy Spirit had all of us in attendance in total harmony.  I encourage all believers to participate in a Taize’ service whenever the opportunity exists.
Ron Ellard

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